Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Birlamedisoft's Products, Solutins, Services

Birlamedisoft is Healthcare software company in india he is provide Hospital Management system software, Blood banks software's, Laboratory information system , Clinic management software's, and more.

Birlamedisoft Products - 
1. Super Specialty Hospital Management
2. Hospital Management 
3. Laboratory Management
4. X-ray and Sonography Management 
5. Blood Bank Management
6. Diagnostics Center Management
7. Ophthalmology Management
8. Gynecology and Pediatrics Management
9. Medical Stores Management
10. Clinic management
11. Dentistry Management
12. Insurance Management
13. Clinical Decision Support System ( CDSS )

Birlamedisoft Solutions
1. Health care Information
2. Telematics

Birlamedisoft Services -
1. Healthcare Software Solutions
2. Healthcare Planning & Consultancy Services
3. Hospital, Laboratory, Blood Banks commissioning services
4. Project & Feasibility report on Hospital Commissioning
5. NABH &ISo Accreditation of Hospitals
6. NABH & ISo Accreditation Laboratories & Diagnostics centers
7. Medical Instrument Supplies
8. Complete turnkey project preparation for Hospitals, Blood banks, Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers

* Applicable Quality Standards -

A. Birlamedisoft covenants, represents and warrants that the Products shall pass (i) all standard industry, ...... specifications and final quality control tests and inspections
B. Birlamedisoft shall notify (Your Company) at lest sixty (60) days prior to implementation of any changes in business process, technology etc. in the products/services supplied by Birlamedisoft which is being considered for white labeling by (Your Company)
C. Birlamedisoft represents and warrants to (Your Company) that ther Products:(i) will be packaged and labeled in conformity with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of (Your Country); (ii) will meet all quality standards as applicable. (iii) will be without defects, (iv) will be good and merchantable for they particular purpose for which they are interned