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In a common life, the most awesome thought is “Prevention is better than Cure”.  The health of a human body depends on proper appetite, regular exercise and uniform health check up. Any change in the above routine, may cause health disorder which may lead to blood pressure, heart attack, diabetic etc. So basically, Health is Wealth and we have to take proper care of it. 

The healthcare industry is expanding at a huge rate and as the world sees an increasing number of health issues it is becoming imperative to manage the health industry more properly. The upcoming trend and need of the industry, many software development companies have started working in this aspect and are doing some real good work by developing healthcare software.
The most popular and worthy verticals where healthcare software solution can lend their helping hands are Enterprise Application Development, Hospital Management System, Practice Management, Medical Billing & Coding Solution, Customer Relationship Management, Patient and Insurance Information Services, Electronic Health Records Systems, Lab Information Management, Blood Bank Management Systems, Patient Management System / Patient Information System, web application development. These kinds of healthcare solutions can come in handy in managing the amount of work that is required to be done in the health organizations quite perfectly. Many a companies are now developing them for their clients based on their needs and the beauty of such software solutions are that they can be customized to the exact requirement of the clients. So no matter what kind of healthcare organization you have you, can always get a befitting solution that will help you managing and expanding your working areas. Whether it is a hospital or Clinics, Polyclinics, Healthcare Insurance, Pharmaceutical Companies, Laboratories & Diagnostic Centers, and Blood Banks etc, this software are helpful to all of them.

Another aspect in addition is the hospital web development which takes you far and wide through the internet. There are possibilities of you attending your clients on the internet as well without having to reach them personally. This not only gives you a worldwide reach but also speeds up the entire process. This way you bypass the boundaries the time and space and can reach out to people from any corner of the world. The technology has done a world of good to many aspects in our modern world and hospital information management and healthcare software solution are just one of them. There is no doubt that this industry is going to grow even more in the coming years and will require automation in most of its processes.  So this becomes a potential business market for those who want to explore and take benefits of it.

Future of Healthcare System

1) Healthcare reform will expand access, further increase demand, reduce the level of reimbursement, and eventually impact how healthcare organizations and providers are reimbursed for their services.
2) The population is growing, and aging, which will increase demand.
3) The physician (and other providers) supply is aging, which will result in future scarcity for certain specialties and disciplines.
4) Hospitals will continue to buy physician practices and employ more physicians and providers.
5) The financial performance of private practices continues to decline, thereby resulting in more integrated systems of care.

The technology has done a world of good to many aspects in our modern world and Healthcare Software Solutions and Hospital Information Management .

The technology has done a world of good to many aspects in our modern world and Hospital Management System and Hospital Information System.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Quanta: The Best Online Hospital Management Solution

An Electronic Management in a Hospital would require to very precise and must result into cost cutting and efficient management. We Birlamedsoft is one of the respected name in Healthcare Application software development & Healthcare solution since last 12 years and we have so many satisfied clients across the globe.
We have developed this revolutionary product “Quanta" is very accurate in its approach and suit all environments including large, medium or small sites.

The latest updated version is QuantaWebHIMS V 3.0. This comprises many advanced features which covers a wide area of hospital administration and management process and provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making and future business planning. It can be integrate all the departments of the hospital so it provides relevant information across the hospital.

Quanta WebHIMS V 3.0 includes plenty of outstanding modules like:-
  • Patient registration
  • OPD (Out Patient Department)
  •   IPD (In Patient Department)
  •  Insurance
  •  Billing
  • OT (Operation Theatre)
  • Casualty
  • Pharmacy
  •  Patient billing
  •  Financial accounting
  • Payroll Management
  •  Hospital Administration
  •  Housekeeping & Laundry Management
  • Pathology
  •  Inventory (Fixed Assets)
  • Procurement
  • Consultant Module
  • Nurse Module
  •  Patient Module
  • Financial Account
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Roster Module
Quanta Web Hims V 3.0 is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics. More importantly it is backed by reliable and dependable Birlamedsoft support.
The following points will justify you why to purchase this powerful tool:
  1. You will require less number of Staff
  2. Quanta provide an opportunity to the hospital to enhance their patient care.
  3. Quanta also increase the profitability of the organization.
  4. Quanta enable hospitals to serve better to the rapidly growing number of health care consumers in a cost-effective manner.
  5. Quanta can also save extra money on your current computer hardware shopping.
  6. It automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information. This enable to improve the response time to the demands of patient care.
  7. The senior Doctors would spend his precious time more in clinical activities than to put in clerical activities otherwise.
  8. Accounting sometimes becomes awfully pathetic and complex. This product will eliminate any such complexity.
  9. Very important for some, the reduced cost of the manpower would pay for the cost of this product with in a short time after its implementation.
If you interested to buy online hospital management tool; Quanta is best of suitable option for you. For demos and inquires please contact us at or reach us at
+91 92256 22058 / 59
Landlines: +91-20-65106271/72