Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hospital information system, Lab software, Billing system in hospital - Available in flexible EMI option

 Now Maxim-LIS is available in flexible EMI option, we can offer you to purchase Maxim-LIS in 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 EMI options. These EMI are Interest Free.

Birlamedisoft provides medical softwares for Super Specialty Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostics Centers, Pathology Labs, Blood banks, Pharmacy Stores, Specialty Practices, Clinics, Imaging Centres, Dental practice,Ophthalmology & almost all medical establishments,

* Laboratory information management system -

Provides All Modules in Lab software - radiology information system, billing system in hospital, blood bank, clinic management software, LIMS, Diagnostics lab center, Hospital software providers.Epathlab, Histopath lab software, PathoGold Alpha. PathoGold Premium Cell Connect.

* Hospital Management -
Providing Web based hospital Management solutions like lab software, blood bank software,  a medical care system. Diagnostics lab center, Medical billing, Endoscopy Software, HIS software, clinic software, radiology software, billing system in hospital, hospital information system and health care software. Both web based and offline facilities are available.

If you are interested for the booking of your software, you will have to just send an “ I am interested” email immediately to us., Your order should close before 5 days  only to avail the benefits.

Please send email to, for your reservation. 

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Support Dept -Mob - +91 9011026090      /  9422521434

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